Synchronicity Techno Music

Synchronicity - Special Ladies Night with Nancy Kyd & Miss Kosmik

Whistler, BC

Synchronicity is on are mission to be bringing to you the best in DEEP MINIMAL TECHNO / TECH HOUSE/PSY.. .PROGRESSIVE and more.

What we have planed for you all on the 14th of MAY is out of this world....with some of B.C. BEST FEMALE DJing talents coming to you!

This night is for all of us to get together as a hole and dance are asses off . The change up in Beats and styles or not to be messed with (GUYS pay attention these ladies are the shit.)

We have been thinking for a while to have an all ladies night at the bunker and pondering who to come join us on our mission. It's finally a go! It was hard to get all these girl's together in one place at one time... but we managed.

Hear is a bit of info on there talents , we are looking so forward to this night it's going to be awesome.... HEYYYY LAAADIESSSSSS...

Miss KosmiK (aka Marie Fortin) Is a Whistler based dj and promoter with a mission to make the world a better place using the power of music.

Over the past couple years Miss KosmiK has played at many of the outdoor parties including the infamous full moon parties with the Solartribe collective, and playing at some of the hottest spots in Whistler including MAXX FISH /Moe Joe's/Garfinkles and the savge Beagle.Miss KosmiK journey started in 1995, when she founded KosmiK production's when living in Quebec. Now as a full time resident of whistler for over 10 years , Marie has gained a reputation for putting on great parites and for rocking dance floors where ever she goes.

Know for mixing up heavy BASS LINES with up lifting grooves.

You know her steeze, come down and see for yourself what time it is.


Resident DJ at La LA SANTANERABar in Mexico

Nancy has been DJing for over 15 years and is considered one of vancouver's leading DJ'S.... A true leading light, she has promoted & co-owned the largest outdoor event in Vancouver's electronic music history ( SUMMER LOVE )


She has performed with some of the best DJ'S around, DOC MARTIN/MARK FARINA/JOSH WINK/ FELIX THE HOUSE CAT/KING BRITT and DJ HEATHER.

And one of her all time favourite artist SADE

Nancy KYDS many styles include HOUSE/ELECTRO/HIP HOP/FUNK and MINAMIL.

The list goes on and on. take it from us this lady rocks, her smooth mixing and tight sounds will have us all on the floor.

Also we have for you FASY MOLLY another local from town vancouver with her in your face style and funky change ups.

And the one and only MEGHAN MILLIGAN you all know what this little spark can throw out at any giving time.

And ANJA with her awesome colars that she will be throwing up for us .

With Visuals by RYAN CLARK and he is with us to give us a little ride to the other side..