Miss Kosmik 2017

About Miss Kosmik

Based out of Whistler (BC, Canada), Miss KosmiK is on a mission to make the world a better place using the power of music. Her passion for diverse sounds, mixing bass heavy baselines with uplifting grooves, will get you moving with her funky house, techno, breaks, drum & bass and more.

The KosmiK journey began in Quebec in 1996 when she organized the first Rave in her hometown of Chicoutimi than moving to Whistler, rocking the frequency ever since. Kosmik's broad appeal is reflected in her keen song selection and intuitive mixing style which impacts the peak collective pulse of the crowd generating a formidable tidal wave of energy, leaving her fans awash with electric smiles.

Ambitious talent has set her portfolio thick with venues ranging from Shambhala Music Festival, Envision, Electric Love Music Festival, MEME (Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition) and Burning Man and opening for acts such as Stacey Pullen, Stickybuds, The Funk Hunters, Featurecast, Ed Solo, Neighbour, Wongo, Kenny Ken, Logistics, Black Sun Empire and Kytami, just to name a few.

From becoming a peak time favorite at the Solartribe Full Moon parties from 2009 until they stopped in 2012, to becoming a resident DJ of the Whistler Junglists crew and holding a few club residencies in Whistler, she has been a solid part of Whistler’s party scene and is now hosting a house & techno night called Level Up at Moe Joe’s.

Watch out for this girl; she’s got style and flavor!

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DJ Mixes available at http://soundcloud.com/miss-kosmik & https://www.mixcloud.com/KosmiKMarie/

Kosmik Konnection

The KosmiK Konnection is a collective of Whistler Djs and individual artists offering quality entertainment services with enlightening qualities. While producing its own signature events, they can also provide event planning services, DJs and artist booking, marketing services and sound and DJ gear rental.

Founded by Marie Fortin of Hilltrip, this is another social venture to make the world a better place. While raising funds for environmental organizations and sharing the sustainability message with Hilltrip since 2004 In Whistler, KosmiK is something Marie got into at a very young age with her first events happening in 1996.

After a few years of hiatus, KosmiK was revived to put on the first Big Bang Solstice Celebration at GLC in 2009. Since than, Marie has personified Miss KosmiK the DJ and further explore her KosmiK journey playing several gigs and creating amazing events, such as it's most recent residency called Level Up held at Moe Joe's Nightclub.

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Miss Kosmik
Miss Kosmik - Marie Fortin
Marie - Miss Kosmik