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November 16th - Level Up : Launch Party @ Moe Joe's, Whistler, BC

November 23rd - Ed Solo @ Tommy Africas, Whistler, BC

November 30th - Level Up : House & Techno Party @ Moe Joe's, Whistler, BC

December 13th - Stickybuds @ Tommy Africas, Whistler, BC

2018 - July 31 to September 2 - Volim Valley Music Festival, Kelowna, BC


<<< PAST GIGS >>>

>>> 2016

October 28th - Legend Festival : Holloween Edition @ Mount Currie, BC

October 5th - House & Techno Night @ Moe Joe's, Whistler, BC

September 21 - House & Techno Night @ Moe Joe's, Whistler, BC

September 16 – Wedding of Julie-Anne & Michael Picard, Whistler, BC

September 11 – 14 – Boat Party 3.0 @ Shuswap Lake, BC

September 8 - Animal Party 3: Animal Kingdom @ Cheekye Ranch, Squamish, BC

August 31 - House & Techno Night @ Moe Joe's, Whistler, BC

August 27 - Function Block Party, Whistler, BC

August 26 - Rancho Relaxo 2.0, D'Arcy, BC

August 24 - Ladies Night @ Knotty Burl, Squamish, BC

August 17 - Jack Daniel's Hawaiian Party @ Tommy Affricas, Whistler, BC

July 27 - House & Techno Night @ Moe Joe's, Whistler, BC

July 26 - Kytamy w/ Phonik @ Tommy Africas, Whistler. BC

July 13 - House & Techno Night @ Moe Joe's, Whistler, BC

June 23-25 - A Life Awakene presents Camping 6.0 - Playing a funky set on Saturday afternoon on the beach.

June 21 - Marcus Visionary w/ Dubconcious @ Tommy Africas, Whistler, BC

May 18 - Playing with Alex Mills at The Pink Chihuahua in LONDON, UK

April 2-9 - Zero Gravity presents Snow DJ Week @ LAAX, Switzerland - Played 2 apres ski and the Secret Location Party.

April 22-29 - Zero Gravity presents Last Snow @ Les 2 Alpes, France - Played 2 apres ski and 3 parties.

March 15 - Black & White Chapter 4 @ Moe Joes, Whistler, BC

March 9 - The KosmiK Konnection presents Shiny Disco Ball w/ Neighbour @ GLC, Whistler, BC

March  – B&W Chapter 3 @ Moe Joes, Whistler, BC

Feb 15 – Slynk @ Tommy Africas, Whistler, BC

Feb 8 – Black Sun Empire @ Tommy Africas, Whistler, BC

Feb 2 – B&W Chapter 2 @ Moe Joe’s, Whistler, BC

Jan 16 – Kenny Ken & DJ SS @ Tommy Apricas, Whistler, BC

Jan 5 – B&W Chapter 1 @ Moe Joe’s, Whistler, BC

>>> 2015

Dec 14 – Stickybuds @ Tommy Africas, Whistler, BC

Dec 10 – Featurecast @ KnottyBurl, Squamish, BC

Dec 8 – Rip Curl SEARCH @ CBB, Whistler, BC

Nov 12 – Au-Pairs’s Canada TV Show, Squamish, BC

Oct 30 – Halloween Massive w/ Mob Tactics @ Tommy Africas, Whistler, BC

Oct 14 – Full Moon Film Premiere @ The Royal, Fernie, BC

Oct 1 – PsyBreaks & PsyTechno @ Anza Club, Vancouver, BC

>> The 3rd KosmiK Summer FestiF TouR <<

June 22-26 - RESURGENCE, Intention Gathering [CANCELED]

July 1-3 - New Leaf Festival, Pemberton, BC

July 4 – Recovery Room: FAME Nights @ Falconetti’s East Side Grill, Vancouver, BC

July 6 – Stickybuds @ Tommy Africas, Whistler, BC

July 8-11 - BASS COAST, Merritt, BC (In attendance!)

July 29 - August 1 - Electric Love Music Festival, Kamloops, BC - Playing at the ZEN DEN on Sunday night!

August 3-8 - Shambhala Music Festival - Working at Fractal Forest

August 11-14 - MEME (Manitobe Electronic Music Exhibition), Winnipeg, MB

>> End of 3rd KosmiK FestiF TouR <<

June 8 – Resident Rinse Out @ Tommy Africas, Whistler, BC

May 12 – Rip Curl Pro Pre Party @ Cinnamon Bear Bar

April 22 – JPOD @ Ruddy Duck, Squamish, BC

April 13 – Fort Knox Five @ Tommy Aficas, Whistler, BC

March 22 – BASS Night @ Rockwater Grill, Golden, BC

March 18 - The Royal, Fernie, BC

March 14 - Moonlight Carnivale - Intention Gathering Fundraiser @ Red Gate Arts Society, Vancouver, BC

March 9 - Openning for World of Drum & Bass Tour with DJ SS, Bassline Smith, and Bladerunner @ Tommy Africas, Whistler, BC

February 10 - Whistler Junglist Resident Rinse Out @ Tommy Africas, Whistler, BC

February 1 - SHRED FOR THE CAUSE "LOCALS EDITION" Women's Park Jam hosted by Rip Curl @ Mt Seymour, BC

January 25 - SHRED FOR THE CAUSE "LOCALS EDITION" Women's Park Jam hosted by Rip Curl @ Mt Seymour, BC

January 23 - Prospect Pub @ The Pemberton Hotel, BC

>>> 2014

December 27 - Whistler Junglist Resident Rinse Out @ Tommy Africas, Whistler, BC

December 19 - Opening for The Funk Hunters @ GLC, Whistler, BC

December 5 - Dystopia Dreaming माया: Experimental Art, Electronica + ☾ Ritual ☾ @ Red Gate Arts Society, Vancouver, BC

December 2 - Opening for Stickybuds @ Tommy Africas, MC

November 28 - Prospect Pub @ The Pemberton Hotel, BC

November 21 - "The Amber" @ Roberts Creek Community Hall, BC

November 20 - Rip Curl's new film "The Search - Revel " @ Cinnamon Bear Bar

October 23 - Prospect Pub @ The Pemberton Hotel, BC

October 17 - FAME Nights : Open Dex @ AnzaClub, Vancouver, BC

October 2 - Prospect Pup @ The Pemberton Hotel, BC

>> The 2nd KosmiK Summer FestiF TouR <<

July 3-6 - KAMP Festival, Whatshan Lake Retreat Centre - Providing a Leave No Trace Awareness Workshop -

July 10-13 - Bass Coast, Merritt, BC - Hospitality Crew -

July 24 - Whistler Junglists BASS & BBQ Feat. Total Science, Pemberton, BC - Playing Sunset Set 9-10pm -

August 5-10 - Shambhala Music Festival, Salmo, BC - Find me at Fractal Forest 6am to 6pm -

August 13-16 - MEME (Manitobe Electronic Music Exhibition), Winnipeg, MB - 2 GIGS! - &
#1 -> Thursday August 13th - Playing midnight to 1am @ Union Hall in the side room at the TIMO MASS show.
#2 -> Friday August 14th - BASS NIGHT @ UR

August 22 - The Royal, Fernie, BC

August 28-30 - Booked for a wedding in Roberts Creek, BC

September 14-16, Houseboat, Shuswap Lake, BC

September 18, Ruddy Duck Bar & Grill, Squamish, BC

September 26, Legion #219, Roberts Creek, BC

More info about the KosmiK FestiF Tour here >


June 19 - UNITED ARTIST FOR NEPAL At The Waldorf Friday June 19th. Starts at 7PM.

June 17 - Whistler Wednesday @ Whistle Brewery. Starts at 6PM.

May 16 - 200,000 UNTZES, Squmaish

May 7 - Rip Curl Tofino Pre-Surf Party, Cinnamon Bear Bar & Grill Whistler

March 7 - R-eVoLuCiÒn - a Post Envision Party with Stickybuds, Cosa Rica

March 6 - Sleveless Records Party with Sylus Beats, Maracatu, Costa Rica

February 26 - ENVISION Music Festival, Costa Rica

February 25 - LADY LUCK Fundraiser Event, Green Room, Costa Rica

February 22 - Neighbour Show, Tommy Africas, Whistler

February 21 - Neighbour Show, The Ruddy Duck Bar & Grill, Squamish

February 20 - Prospect Pub, Pemberton

February 12 - MI VIDA LOCA, Tommy Africas, Whistler

January 22 - Logistics / Hospital Records / UK @ Tommy Africas, Whistler

>>> 2013

December 31 - New Year Eve Celebration, The Ruddy Duck Bar & Grill, Squamish

December 24 - FRACTACULAR Special Christmas Eve, Tommy Africas, Whistler

December 20 - SIZZLE SOLSTICE, At The Waldorf, Vancouver

December 21 - BIG BANG #5 Winter Solstice Celebration, Tommy Africas, Whistler

December 10 - FRACTACULAR, Tommy Africas, Whistler

October 30 - Monster Massive #10 Halloween Party, Tommy Africas, Whistler

October 24 - FAME Nights: #BestWitches, Anza Club, Vancouver

<<< KosmiK FestiF TouR - JUNE to SEPTEMBER >>>
Marie KosmiK has decided to take a leap of faith and hit the road to travel to different events and festivals to dj/work/volunteer all summer!

Reed the full details of the tour here >>

September 21 - Climate March & Mobilization, CBC Plaza at Georgia Street (beside Vancouver Library)

August 29 - The Royal, Fernie, BC

August 31 - Bushwacked, Revelstoke, BC

POSTPONED to 2015 > September 5-6 – FAME Female Arts and Music Exhibition, Kelowna, BC

Beach Party 2 - Mussel Beach Wilderness Campground, BC

June 19-22 – The Groove Music Festival 2014, Midway, BC
I didn't know what the expect, but I had been wanting for while. I liked their Star War theme maybe ;)
I was supposed to help out with a renegade stage there but it didn't happen, so I ended up playing the Main Stage on Sunday.

June 26-30 – Bushwacked Festival 2014, Beaverdell, BC
What a lovely gathering! It's just the right size festival to make you feel at home almost everywhere...because there is a lot of really nice people there. I was there to help with decor and play a set on Friday night at 7pm, which was so much fun! What started as a very small dance floor because it had started raining a bit...ended up with a nice crowd and a clear sky! Pretty much felt as if the good intentions of the ppl was clearing the sky :)

Here is where you can find a LIVE recording of my set. It's definitely not perfect. A lot of first time plays and cdjs...but I'm releasing it any way...I kept hearing about my set during the whole festival...what a great feeling. Thank you everybody!

July 3-6 – Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival, Driftpile, AB
Was really please to be working the kitchen. Thanks Lee for getting me to play the a Psy-Breaks set at the Staff Party!

I released a special Groovy Psy-Breaks, for those who like psychedelic sounds:

July 11 – Y Afterhours, Edmonton, AB
Wasn't busy enough to open the Basement. I will be BACK!
Thanks to my lovely guides, Zac and Jenn, I had the best tie in Edmonton.

July 16th – DEEP Thursdays, Pony Corral on 444 St. Mary Ave., Winnipeg, MA

July 18th - YQR Nightclub, Regina, SK
Not the busiest show, but definitely a great bar. Thanks to the heavy FUN openers, the night had good vibe to it and the best first pump 'per capita'

July 19th - Royal, Fernie, BC
Always a pleasure to play The Royal in Fernie and to play with my good buddy Laughin Louis.

July 24-28 – MOTION NOTION 2014, Golden, BC
UNITY STAGE - Saturday, 10pm
Tucked away in the woods near the pond, the UNITY stage was a good little spot with amazing sound. I started my set at dusk with a few ppl and ended with a full dance floor :) FUN TIMES!

August 1-4 – Bass Coast Project, Merritt, BC
Bass Coast will always where I get to hang out with my closest friends/family! This year, I was part of the Hospitality crew and it felt really good. I also got to design a sign at Slay Bay saying "Don't climb on me, I'm crabby!" hehe!
If you haven't experience Bass Coast yet, give yourself a favor and come next year. The BC Girlz and Boyz have been working hard and the new location is ready to host a lot more people!

August 8-11 - Shambhala Music Festival, Salmo, BC
What a year for Sham! Stagekeeping at Fractal Forest after 2 years of break was pretty fun.

August 14-17 - MEME (Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition), Winnipeg, BC
MEME is the best city festival I have ever attended. So many good shows in such a great settings!
Playing at 3am in the Korol Main room at the Pantages Playhouse on Saturday night was definitely a highlight of my summer!
Much love to the MEMETIC Crew!!!

Aug 15th - UR (Underground Revival) Afterhour, Winnipeg, MA
Played 4-5:30am for the MEME weekend

August 22 - UR (Underground Revival) Afterhour , Winnipeg, MA
Played 3-4am for Bass Night alongside Tube Screamer, The Smooths & Davey Berkowitz

August 26 - Q'd Up! ft. Smash Coxs, Deez & Miss Kosmik, Regina, SK

>>> and more more! (Full list of gigs available upon request)