FatPat @ Tommy Africa's in Whistler, BC

Miss KosmiK is opening for FAT PAT on PK Sound - Feb 12

Tommy Africas, Whistler, BC

Tommy Africa's Presents Fat Pat (PK Sound / Shambhala) with opening set by miss KosmiK & Crippleswheel on February 12 at Tommy Africas.

The night will be powered by PK Sound. A first at Tommy Africas!

Cover $5 before 11 and $10 after 

Read more for additional info about PK Sound and FAT PAT…
PK Sound in the Pro-Audio world, fidelity and accuracy have historically been the measures of success for a sound company. These standards have been set by previous generations, however we feel there is far more to achieve. In this age of technology, we believe there is more involved in providing an optimal sound experience than simply attending to the technical aspects of a concert. Beyond acoustic accuracy, beyond optimal levels, beyond the science of sound, there are also the elements of artistry, emotion and environment that engulf you and allow you to truly become part of the experience.

Have you ever been swept away by music? We got into this business because we have been captivated by music—and we want to help facilitate that experience for others. We believe that conveying the emotion of an artist is paramount. In our eyes, attending a concert is about more than just listening to music—it is about being surrounded by an intense energy, like a thick blanket surrounding every part of your being. To some this experience is primal; to others, it’s technological. But for all of us it is the bridge that connects audiences to artists and their craft.

At PK Sound we work with artists to help convey the feeling and intensity they wish to bring to their listeners. We view ourselves as an extension of the musical instrument, facilitating artistic communion and communication. Loud is not enough. Quality, precision, intensity and a feeling of immersion in the experience are our goals every time we put up a sound system.

We are not just a speaker company. We are dedicated to both the art and the science of sound. We have a passion for the music. We live for and love the community of artists and music-lovers who make our industry possible; these people are the foundation of our business.

<<< FAT PAT>>> 
Fatrick Patrick Born amid the infamous buffet of 1906 atop a stunning platter of thick roast beef slices, Pat is considered the prodigy when it comes to overeating. Instantly stuffing his face with dark roasted beets and heavy salted bass he shocked the world as the infant with a gluttonous appetite for anything fat. Guzzling, gorging and gobbling always came naturally to Pat, it was finding friends he didn't want to consume that was difficult. But through out the century a collection of unsavoury individuals have formed at Pats side supporting his dangerous obsession for regurgitated funk rhythms mixed with synthesized salami soundscapes. This band of unappetizing souls eventually cooked up the legendary stack of doo doo inducing pk bins. These perfectly cooked subs ooze succulent hot sine waves that coagulate into a bottomless pit of delicious mush. Serving mouthwatering award winning main courses and deserts, Pat is placed amongst the upper crust of talent and has 81 Michelin stars to prove it. Every year Pat gets a little bit hungrier and grows a little bit fatter to the point where he is now just a ball of fleshy cottage cheese. With a never ending vortex of griminess inside of him, Pat's stomach produces thrashing flatulence that entrance spectators in its warm and wet embrace. Indulge in the experience of thick musky bass explosions and rhythmical jiggling muffin tops the world has grown to know as FAT PAT