Longwalkshortdock @ The KottyBurl

The KnottyBurl

Miss KosmiK is pleased to open for Longwalkshortdock for her second time. The first time was in Nelson when touring with the Electronic Awakening documentary screenings tour. This show will be featuring RIM Visuals which brings the show to a very high level of entertainment.

Advance tickets are $10, available at Showpass.com and Stuntwood Skate Shop
It will be $15 at the door

Longwalkshortdock esentially started the first time Dave King heard gritty electronic music in early eighties videogames. Strongly influenced by these sounds and melodys, Dave started recording and looping segments as a child. He also got a taste for sampling and recording; taping segments of his piano practice to fool his parents into thinking he was practicing in the other room when he was really playing Nintendo.

Dave holds two degrees from the Art Institute of Burnaby for Music Recording and Production. Playing songs and remixes he wrote and produced, Longwalkshortdock performs live PA with live vocals, synthesizers, drum machines, guitar, effects, toys, computers and even some of his own strobes and lighting. Known for his incredibly "enthusiastic" performances, Longwalkshortdock creates an undeniable stage presence and visceral experience at a show.

Currently, a veteran of sound design and electronic music production for well over a decade, Longwalkshortdock's music has stepped into a genre of its own. Heavily influenced by early 80s video game music, metal and rock music, found-sound and vintage analog synthesis, he stacks layers of melody in his tracks until they implode and reform. Heavy drums and aggressive synths join forces with rolling grooves and melodic lead lines to create a wide variety of slamming dance floor originals. LWSD's music crosses into many territories with his vast catalogue of hundreds of songs dives into ambient, IDM, electro, acid, house, big beat, indie rock, drones, electronica and down tempo.

Always working to enhance and upgrade the LWSD live experience Dave is currently in the process of collaborating with veteran of visual wizardry Tim Hill of RIM Visuals. Using at least 10 projectors loaded with custom content, the live LWSD experience is nothing short of a full venue transformation into a ethereal and immersive light cube of doom!