The KosmiK FestiF TouR is on a ROLL!

I have decided to take a leap of faith and hit the road to travel to different events and festivals to dj/work/volunteer all summer!
Here is a list of my next stops and the past ones.
July 24-28 – MOTION NOTION 2014, Golden, BC
UNITY STAGE - Saturday, 10pm
August 1-4 – Bass Coast Project, Merritt, BC
Helping out with the Hospitality crew :)
August 8-11 - Shambhala Music Festival, Salmo, BC
Stagekeeping somewhere.
August 14-17 - MEME (Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition), Winnipeg, BC
September 5-6 – FAME Female Arts and Music Exhibition :: September 5th-6th, 2014, Kelowna, BC
I will release more information about each events as they unfold.
Follow me in my adventures!
Here are the things I have been part of so far...
June 19-22 – The Groove Music Festival 2014, Midway, BC
I didn't know what the expect, but I had been wanting for while. I liked their Star War theme maybe ;)
I was supposed to help out with a renegade stage there but it didn't happen, so I ended up playing the Main Stage on Sunday.
June 26-30 – Bushwacked Festival 2014, Beaverdell, BC
What a lovely gathering! It's just the right size festival to make you feel at home almost everywhere...because there is a lot of really nice people there. I was there to help with decor and play a set on Friday night at 7pm, which was so much fun! What started as a very small dance floor because it had started raining a bit...ended up with a nice crowd and a clear sky! Pretty much felt as if the good intentions of the ppl was clearing the sky :)
Here is where you can find a LIVE recording of my set. It's definitely not perfect. A lot of first time plays and cdjs...but I'm releasing it any way...I kept hearing about my set during the whole festival...what a great feeling. Thank you everybody!
July 3-6 – Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival, Driftpile, AB
Was really please to be working the kitchen. Thanks Lee for getting me to play the a Psy-Breaks set at the Staff Party!
I released a special Groovy Psy-Breaks, for those who like psychedelic sounds:
July 11 – Y Afterhours, Edmonton, AB
Wasn't busy enough to open the Basement. I will be BACK!
Thanks to my lovely guides, Zac and Jenn, I had the best tie in Edmonton.
July 16th – DEEP Thursdays, Pony Corral on 444 St. Mary Ave., Winnipeg, MA
July 18th - YQR Nightclub, Regina, SK
Not the busiest show, but definitely a great bar. Thanks to the heavy FUN openers, the night had good vibe to it and the best first pump 'per capita'
July 19th - Royal, Fernie, BC
Always a pleasure to play The Royal in Fernie and to play with my good buddy Laughin Louis. I should be back again really soon!
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