Forbidden Fruit 2.0

June 12 - Forbidden Fruit 2.0

Get ready for the ultimate one night outdoor party with Forbidden Fruit 2.0 on Wednesday June 12!

For this one, Miss Kosmik playing at 2:30am alongside 12 other DJs all ready to blow your minds. Top the sick DJs with 40,000 WATTS of Poompsound, this party is definitely setting the bar when it comes to quality sonic experiences.

On June 12th, join us in our one-night escape from the mundane, away from the ordinary, and into the nocturnal bliss and comfort of your closest friends.

PARTY DRESS CODE: Good vs. Evil; Angels vs Demons; Halos vs Horns; Wings vs Tails; Pearly Whites vs Fangs; Wands vs Tridents; which side are you on? And which side shall prevail?

Secret Location To Be Revealed 2 Days Prior To Event