FRACTACULAR inspired by Shambhala's Fractal Forest in Whistler

FRACTACULAR - Wed's 10th Dec

Tommy Africas

Fractacular is an evening focused on Free Expression , giving artists of any style a place to come share there art form with like minded individuals. In a club scene that is focused on DJ's, Fractacular will be bringing the live musician back to the club. After combining musical forces on the 19th, B-Syde will be brining his full live loop performance again, accompanied by lyrical slayer Chris Horsley, and percussionist Terry Fieldmaster

Round 2 of Fractacular, see's Peakyd and Miss KosmiK taking to the decks with a guarantee that you'll be funkin all night long!

Hoop LOVE Whistler will once again be keeping your eyes distracted with there LED hula hoop and poi performances, as well as a live audio visual set projected across 3 projectors and 4 TV's courtesy of Holographic Hoax ( Wes Daubeny ).

If there is any artists out there that wish to get involved in any way for any of our events please contact Blair Wright.

B-Syde (Live looping, Hip Hop, Electronic)
Producer, performer, beat maker, and loop layer, creating organic dance floor beats with a sprinkle of Hip Hop, and a healthy portion of Bass, for live music lovers all around the world.

Peaky D

Miss Kosmik
Miss KosmiK (aka Marie Fortin) is a DJ and Promoter with a mission to make the world a better place using the power of music. Known for her funkiness, mixing bass heavy baselines with uplifting grooves, you can be sure to get moving with her funky beats covering many genres, moods and tempos. Watch out for this girl; she’s got style and flavor!