Special Guests NINJETTE

DRUM & BASS BallistiK Jam w/ Special Guests NINJETTE (TrueSpin Djs & Experience BC Entertainment - Van)

Savage Beagle, Whistler, BC

The time has come to have a Drum & Bass jamming session AND it will be featuring 3 FEMALE DJs; NINJETTE from Vancouver with NINELIVES and Miss KOSMIK of the Whistler Junglists crew.

This should be the HOTEST JAM YET!

> NINJETTE (TrueSpin Djs :: Experience BC Entertainment – Vancouver)
Canadian born in Edmonton, Alberta and raised in the prairie city of Winnipeg, Ninjette is a heavy hitter in the Western Canadian bass music scene. Currently residing in a city of rain forest, mountains and ocean; Vancouver, British Columbia. As a youth she spent most of her spare time studying classical music theory and training as a vocalist in several reputable choirs as well as solo festival vocal competitions. As a teenager she discovered the electronic dance music scene and never looked back. Staying involved in most of the major EDM club nights throughout the city of Winnipeg over the course of several years, she used her drive and ambition to become a leader in the underground afterhours scene as an event promoter. Being surrounded by talented DJs and producers, and putting her classical music career on the side to accommodate her new found love for electronic music, the next step that only made sense was to get behind the decks and spin up a storm and started rocking out the electro, bassline and fidget house sounds. 
In 2009 she found her new place in Western Canada and dove head first into the bass heavy drum genres and incorporating live vocals into her performances. She later developed and maintained a solid festival circuit, gracing stages such as SYNCfest, The Groove, Motion Notion, Connect, Mad Hatter and Sexy Sounds and sharing stages with reputable artists including Aphrodite, Loadstar, Dirtyphonics, Bare Noise, Ill Gates, Sticky Buds and many others. This Miss is a force to be reckoned with. She is presently the fearless leader of FAME Female Arts and Music Exhibition, responsible for booking the largest entirely female DJ and performer line up that Canada has ever seen. 
Although the Canadian scene has been full of opportunity for her, let that not be the end all be all. February 2012 began her Central American tour, offering further exposure all across Costa Rica and Panama. Kicking off the summer season with a bang, DnB Girls of Canada presented the 2012 Bass Belle Western Canada tour featuring Ninjette, Crystal Fresh, Jams, Mittz and Isis Graham.
Behind the decks her passion and energy inspires the dancer that lurks within us all with the grimiest high energy beats guaranteed to burn a hole in your shoes. 

> NINELIVES ( Whistler Junglists )
Ninelives learned to DJ in late 2006 shortly after she heard her first sweet sounds of Drum and Bass when she stumbled into a random room at a random house party. And just like that, her life changed. She became friends with the DJ's and asked if they could teach her, and this fearless feline DJ was born.
Starting off her career in the grimy basement of the Underdog, in Peterborough, Ontario, and under the influence of the Epic Academy crew, she gradually sank her claws into larger venues, and eventually moved on to tackle the Toronto scene, becoming a resident Dj at Toi Bar, and regularly rinsing under Misfit Productions and Psychoactive Soundscapes. She also began to explore house, and a new love was born.
After moving to Whistler, BC in late summer of 2011, she was privileged to quickly become a resident DJ with the Whistler Junglists and Solartribe promotion groups, as well as a appearing as a regular guest on the Whistler Media Network (wmn.fm) for the Whistler Junglist Podcast, eventually becoming the host herself! 
Her style ranges from the smoothest liquid vibes, to the dark and dirty, with some epic vocals and big drops in between, and some favorite labels include Hospital, Viper, and Ram.

> Miss KosmiK ( KosmiK Konnection & Whistler Junglists )
Miss KosmiK (aka Marie Fortin) is a Whistler based DJ and Promoter with a mission to make the world a better place using the power of music.
Marie’s KosmiK journey started in 1996, when she founded KosmiK Productions while living in Quebec. Now as a full time resident of Whistler for over 13 years, Marie has done several events under both Hilltrip and Kosmik Productions, including the Big Bang Winter Solstice Celebration for the past four years. This has helped her to gain a reputation for putting on great parties and for rocking dance floors wherever she goes.
In the last 4 years, Miss KosmiK has played at many music festivals including Burning Man 2012, EarthDance Vancouver 2012, Shambhala 2011 & 2012, SCOTT 2010 & 2011, SEXY SOUNDS 2011, several Solartribe Full Moons Parties, theme parties with Bass-Sick Productions and many other gatherings in the Sea to Sky Corridor as well as at the Sunset Room in Victoria. When it comes to clubs, she has played in all of Whistler’s nightclubs and a few Vancouver locations. She has toured BC showcasing the ELECTRONIC AWAKENING and is the organizer behind the new series of underground electronic dance music events called BallistiK Jam. This summer, you will be able to catch her at the Believe Freedom Festival, Shambhala, Solartribe Full Moons Party, Bass Sick Parties among other gatherings.
Known for her funkiness, mixing heavy baselines with uplifting grooves, you can be sure to get moving with her funky beats covering many genres, moods and tempos.

For those of you who haven’t been to a BallistiK Jam yet, this is the night to dance to some of the best underground electronic dance music. Held every other Sunday at the Savage Beagle, each event is unique; bringing a different experience every time. 
So far we have done two Psy, two Funky and a DnB... this will be our second DnB and our 6th Jam!