DRUM & BASS BallistiK Jam

DRUM & BASS BallistiK Jam

Savage Beagle, Whistler, BC

The Whistler Junglists, Wild Bunch Crew andKosmiK Konnection are coming together to bring aDrum & Bass BallistiK Jam!

With DJ Phroh, Infectious and Miss KosmiK of Whistler and a SPECIAL GUEST DJ from Vancouver named Setwreka…should be a very interesting jam :D

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> Setwreka ( Application Audio & Sentient Sound – Vancouver )
With slick mixing and scratching Setwreka's here to please your ears every time. A vet Behind the decks he keeps you always wondering what is next. "Setwreka" was born in the early 2000 lets say, it was nickname at first due to the breaking of drum kits, skateboards, snowboards, and well things would just happen on those streets of Kelowna, BC. At a young age Hip Hop and Heavy Metal inspired him to experiment w/ drums, Guitars, sampling, scratching, and mixing whatever he could get his hands on. Moving to East Vancouver, he has established himself as an asset in the bass music scene. His versatility is the ace up his sleeve, sculpting sets of Neuro funky, Tech step Drum and Bass, Mid tempo Breaks, Glitch Hop with old school hip hop. The energy is always up as he keeps the dancefloor bouncing. Setwreka has taken the stage with artists such as Killah Priest Of the Wu-Tang Clan, Aceyalone, The Chicharones, Dj Wakcutt, Dj Bryx, Stylust Beats, Deeps, Emotionz, Micheal Red and Dj Cure to name a few. Keeping it fresh with blending styles some original productions he is always keeping the crowd anticipating something surprising to drop, so its a no brainer that Setwreka has done well with his West Coast fanbase so beware of the bass heavy bombs dropping in a town near you !

> PHROH ( Whistler Junglists – Whistler )
For over 10 years now that DJ Phroh has been hard at work smashing dancefloors in his home town of Whistler British Columbia. A DJ, a producer, a turntablist, and most importantly a lover of music. He is notorious for his jaw dropping sets at the infamous “Whistler Full Moon Parties” where he scratches over his bass heavy, home grown, original dubplates of jungle, drum & bass and dubstep. A regular in the Canadian DnB Scene, he has been seen mashing up the dance at clubs all over the Canada from Toronto to Vancouver to Victoria and especially at his residency at the famous “Whistler Junglists” nights @ Whistler’s best nightclub, Tommy Africas.

> INFECTIOUS ( Wild Bunch Sound Crew – Whistler)
Infectious (Justin Hepburn) Grew up partying on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada surrounded by the massive jungle scene coming out of Toronto ON, his Passion for Drum and Bass started at a young age. The time came for Justin to pack up and move out to the west coast of Canada where he relocated to Whistler, BC and co-founded the Wild Bunch Sound Crew, a collective consisting of 6 dj's and 2 Mc's. Infectious has been djing for 7years specializing in Dnb/dubstep and pretty much all Bass Music, he is currently working on mastering the art of music Production and has produced a track along side Andrew (ManCalledFizlah) Titled Sexist. Infectious has played alongside Dj's such as FutureBound/UK, Adam F/UK, Glitchy And Scratchy/Vancouver,BC, Marcus Visionary/ Toronto, ON, S.P.Y /UK . and many more.
Infectious plays frequently with the Whistler Junglist, other shows and venues in Whistler , and British Columbia.

> Miss KosmiK ( KosmiK Konnection – Whistler )
Marie’s KosmiK journey started in 1996, when she founded KosmiK Productions while living in Quebec. Now as a full time resident of Whistler for over 13 years, Marie has done several events under both Hilltrip and Kosmik Productions, including the Big Bang Winter Solstice Celebration for the past four years. This has helped her to gain a reputation for putting on great parties and for rocking dance floors wherever she goes.

NEXT JAM >>>>> Sunday, February 24th
Our first psychedelic jam was so well received, looks like we will be doing something similar for our next jam. Stay tuned!

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