Whistler Half Pipe Jam during WSSF

Apr 9 - Half Pipe Fam Jam + WNM Studio

Whistler, BC

Before she could spin records, Miss KosmiK was had avid half pipe rider. Here is her timeline post:

"This Saturday is the Half Pipe Fam Jam on Blackcomb and I am gonna be hiking it! When I moved to Whistler in season 1996-97, I fell in love with half pipe riding and used to hike the dragon pipe next to Roundhouse a lot. That year I also participated in the last Westbeach Classic...I was hooked!!
Whistler was my new home grin emoticon
I haven't ridden half pipe much in the last 10 year or more, but I have to make an attempt at least. But the best of it, the event is organized by two talented female in the snowboard world....Dominique Vallee and Mercedes Nicoll...whom of which I know from those years.
The only National Competition I ever qualified was at Mt Tremblant and Domicique kicked some serious ass. As an ex ski-racer, she was stylish!!
I met Mercedes when with the Whistler Valley Snowboard Club in those years as well...she was a riper!!!
So much inspiration from snowboarding. I can't wait!"

The event is in the WSSF linuep >> http://wssf.com/Halfpipe-Fam-Jam

And here is a great blog post about it >> http://www.whistler.com/blog/post/2016/04/05/fam-jam-hottest-new-wssf-e…

+ after the Jam, Miss KosmiK played a sweet set at the WMN Studio stage located in the hearth of Whistler.