Alluvium 2013 - May 18 to 20, 2013

Allivium 2013

Psicotik and Natural progressions in collaboration with Goa Trance Mission, UnderG, Soundproof, Aspect Media, Subversive proudly presents ALLUVIUM on May 18,19,20th, 2013.

Miss KosmiK is very excited to play at Alluvium this year and bring a full on progressive Psy-Breaks set at 10pm, opening for Nokturnal of Zenon Records on Sunday May 19.

The time has come again for the tribes to gather for a weekend of pure bliss!

3 days of amazing music provided to you by artists from around the globe and your local favorites!
Two stages with their own unique vibes will be provided for your enjoyment, a Psy-Trance Progressive Stage and a Deep Minimal Techno Stage.

Deco And Stage Design By Altered States
Sound by Aspect Media

Alluvium is a "Leave no Trace" camping event. Everyone is responsible for their own trash and other personal items they bring with them. If you bring it to the festival, you take it home with you. Please respect our Mother Earth and your community members by cleaning up after yourself.

This is an outdoor camping event. Bring all basic necessities like food, water, tents, etc. Make sure to bring extra clothes and blankets, it can get cold at night.

No Illicit Substances - No Camp fires - No Glass Containers - No Fire Arms - No Aggressive behavior will be tolerated on the site
PLUR in full effect!

First tier of 50 tickets @ 40$
Second tier of 100 tickets @ 50$
And 60 at the gate

[Artists performing at Alluvium in 2013 with Psytrance headliners]

Located in Squamish on Private land with river access.

Click ‘read more’ for more information on the artists performing


Shane Gobi (Alchemy Records) [United Kingdom]

Daksinamurti (Timecode-Sangoma/Peak) [Germany]

Nokturnal (Zenon Records / Area 709) [Canada]

Otkun (Zenon Records / Logic Vision Collective) [Montreal]

Naaz (D-A-R-K Records / Logic Vision Collective) [Morocco]

Goa Pete (Goa Trance Mission)

Chris Schimdt (Organix / Phantasm Records)

Sinister (Solstice Music)

Austripin (Deliria)

DJ Rax (Mondton) [Germany]

Wobbelix (Generation Bass/Adapted Records)

Double X (Overmind)

Madjester (Psicotik)

Jangbu (Irken Kitties)

Causai (Psicotik/D-A-R-K Records)

Marie Kosmik (Kosmik  Konnection)

Angel (Organix)

Merkah Baba (Psychoactive Records/Global Psybreaks)

Upavas (Warp Brain Records)


Katnip (Goa Trance Missions / Overmind)

Kiweedtheredeyejedi (Holochron)

Rocky Fi$her


AppleCat (Octopussy)

Eddie Shambles (Urban Bass Asylum)


Deco by Kaeli Starfield

Lasers by Stimulating Emissions

<<<<<<<<< DEEP MINIMAL / TECHNO STAGE >>>>>>>>

Briser Gonzalez ( UnderG/Cautiva Music )

Derek Michaels ( Natural Progressions)

UnKnown ( Aspect Media)

Austin Phillips ( Subversive )

Kevin Kao ( UnderG )

Caleb Fox ( Subversive )

Matt Hudolin ( UnderG )

Luke Summers ( Aspect Media )

DJ Midnight Vulture

K-Man ( SoundProof)

Tropisim ( Aspect Media )

Ryan Clark ( Natural Progressions )

TechnoBear ( Haus Uv Freex )

Jonny Jerms ( Open Studios ) 

Visuals By Ryan Clark