June 7-8 Fever Music Festival

Miss KosmiK plays Drum and Bass at Fever Music Festival in Pemberton

May 11 - Whistler Junglists Tofino Invasion

Miss KosmiK joins the Whistler Junglists for the Tofino Invasion show at The Legion

Level Up - May 2 & 16

Level Up closes the ski and snowboard season in Whistler with a big jam session.

May 2 & 16 - Intro to Djing Class for Women in Whistler

Miss KosmiK is offering introduction to djing classes for women in Whistler.

KosmiK T-Shirt Sale!!!

T-Shirt sale for a limited time. Shipping available!

April 11 - Pop Up Level Up at the WSSF

Level Up throws a last minute show during the Whistler Ski and Snoaboard Festival

Level Up - April 4 & 18

Miss KosmiK host Level Up the best House and Techno night in Whistler

Mar 18 - Benny Page and Dope Ammo

Miss KosmiK opens for Benny Page and Dope Ammo, a Whistler Junglists' show.

Longwalkshortdock @ The KottyBurl

Miss KosmiK opens for Longwalkshortdock on March 16.

3rd Shiny Disco Ball - KosmiK's Clebration

Disco theme party in Whistler to commemorate KosmiK's origin.