Spet 8-10 - Animal Party #3 : The Animal Kingdom

Animal Party in Squamish

        Proudly presented by Bass-Sick Productions and Lickity Split, the 3rd edition of the Animal Party is upon us! Having partaking in the two previous one...Miss KosmiK is thrilled to join the kingdom for some FUNKAY TIMES!

If you need tickets, do not hesitate to contact Miss KosmiK or go to https://www.myshowpass.com/animalparty/

This is your opportunity to embrace that inner WILD Animal that lays dormant inside you. All of the animals have just stepped off of Noah's Arc (Animal Party #2) and they need to get WILD! This is a last ditch effort to relish in the golden sun rays, sing to the clear night skies, and shake it up in the ANIMAL KINGDOM, the FINAL instalment of the Animal party series!!!

The theme this year is ‘ANIMAL KINGDOM‘. We are all Kings and Queens in our own unique way. Come as an animal... come as royalty, come in pairs, herds, gaggles, groups, or come solo ... use your imagination. We always strongly encourage you to dress up, get creative, and HAVE FUN!

We have a beautiful sound system supplied and teched by the one and only Application Audio, incredible lighting provided by XL Audio Visual, lasers that would confuse NASA, some of the finest DJ’s in the Sea to Sky Corridor, a brand new amazing venue, a workshop stage, a chill zone, and a bag of surprises we will slowly leak as the party gets closer.

Everyone is encouraged to bring something to contribute, there is nothing more beautiful and gratifying then giving, so bring something... anything and come get down with us.

EVENT LINEUP features Neon Steve, Max Ulis, Neighbour, Mat The Alien and many more...such as Miss KosmiK of course!

LOCATION: Cheekye Ranch in Squamish

More info @ https://www.facebook.com/events/115142055805102/