KosmiK FestiF TouR 2016 – Best Highlights

Miss Kosmik playing the WAG party at MEME in WInnipeg

This summer tour was beyond epic, especially because I was with my Lucky Luke the whole time. We passed the ultimate test; we went to several festival, traveled across the country, encountered challenges and we didn’t kill each other…all of it made us stronger!

The tour officially started out in Pemberton with the creation of a new festival called New Leaf. My good friend Milton has been organizing Canada Day parties in the Sea to Sky region for over 10 years and after taking a year off decided to step it up with the birth of New Leaf Festival. When I saw where he was going, I jumped on board to help make the festival the best it could, given the short timeline to make it happen. In the end, the two day festival was a success and I had the chance of playing a really good set on Saturday night. Let’s see what we can come up next year.

On the Monday, I had to go to Vancouver and DJ at Falconetti’s for Recovery Room: FAME Nights in honour of Danuyah Angel’s birthday. I was really happy to play some good funky tunes for her and her friends.

On the Wednesday, I was opening for Stickybuds at Tommy Africas in Whistler for the 3rd time, but I could not stay too late as we had to get to Bass Coast the next day.

After attending all the Bass Coast as either a volunteer or crew member, it was refreshing to be a guest. After getting married in March I realized, I wanted to experience Bass Coast fully with my hubby and was just on time to buy some of the last tickets released online…lucky us! I’d say!! When we are together, we always seems to be lucky. During the whole festival is was proven…we were on the same page the whole time; winning!! It’s incredible how much love has been poured into this festival. I have seen it from its very beginning…and feel very proud…thanks to Andrea and Liz for all the passion and creativity…you girls are an inspiration! Get the low down at http://basscoast.ca/

After all the fun times at Bass Coast, we went to Pemberton Festival to work at a food vendor but things didn’t turned out as expected. Exhausted and expecting to work for money, we ended volunteering for a ticket to a festival we didn’t really have interest in… Luckily we were camping at the right place and had good time outside the festival ground.

Next on the tour was Electric Love Music Festival where I played a set of bass house followed by tech-funk and psy-breaks at The Nest stage on the Sunday. Conveniently located in Chilliwack, it was a great stop on the way to Shambhala for us and for a second year festival, it was pretty well done and tickets were very affordable. Well worth the experience; more infor at http://electriclovemusicfestival.com/

After a somewhat good night of sleep, we headed to Shambhala Music Festival where we had to work as Stagekeeper for 5 days at Fractal Forest. I have personally done this job for 4 years since 2010 (some years I DJed for a ticket) and it was Luke’s first time. It was fun to do this together, but I hope to get to DJ next year…I feel it’s my time!

After Sham, the biggest stretch of the tour comes; driving to Winnipeg for MEME (Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition). This year marked the third year I played the festival and it was a REALLY GOOD one! I was opening for Nautilus on the Rooftop of WAG for the biggest party of the festival, the weather was perfect and my set was dialed :D Big shout out to Nathan and Kelly for their hard work in making this festival so special with the MEMETIC crew. Check out http://www.memetic.ca/ for their latest events and http://www.memefest.ca/ for MEME.

And this is how we ended the KosmiK FestiF TouR. It was time to take a break and visit my family in Quebec...another tour in itself!!